How it works? The Ultra Reef range of filter allows to use algae, filtering materials or absorbent resins in granules. The materials inside the filter are crossed by the water in the opposite direction to gravity, remaining suspended in the fluid so as not to compact and auto clean.

Cartridge loading system

The filter chamber can be easily removed and reloaded in seconds. Our filters use an innovative cartridge system that allows removal and replacement of the filter material (resins, carbons, zeolite, etc.) without having to remove the whole filter and load line from the sump.

  • Aquariums size: <1000 liters
  • Pump: Hydor SELTZ DC24
  • Capacity: 3 liters 
  • Water flow: 100-550 liters/hour
  • Power Consumption: 5-11 Watts
  • Dimensions: 15x15 cm Height 55 c

Distinctive compact design

Designed with top overflow and submerged operation, these filters are compact and safe against the risk of flooding than traditional external filters. This solution is extremely useful in modern aquariums often crowded with pumps and accessories.

Quality craftsmanship down to the screws

The Ultra Reef products are based on Italian design and production. Paired with high-quality materials this makes any Ultra Reef device a premium piece of equipment for any aquarium. The parts are made via CNC machining from full blocks of durable PVC, while the assembly is made with anti-corrosive titanium screws for an extremely long service life. For further proof of its quality, look no further than Ultra Reef’s ISO 9001 quality certification.

Sponges sustained in both directions

This filter uses multiple retainer system to contain the filtering material inside it. This solution prevents annoying displacements of the media and prevents dispersion of the material contained in the filter into the tank in the event of rollover.

Ultra Reef - UF-003 Media Reactor