Triton Labs AL 99 PO4 Remover 1 liter

Triton AL 99 PO4 Remover is a very high quality, aluminum-based phosphate remover. It is designed to be as pure as possible to prevent contamination.  (Note the extremely white color of the product).  The goal of this product is to remove unwanted items, not add them so for this reason, we recommend only the most pure products.  

AL 99 is very efficient at binding phosphate, but will also bind other contaminants such as Silicate and Barium. The recommended dosage of AL99  is 50ml per 100L tank volume. In aquariums with very high phosphate levels, this can be increased to 100ml per 100L. Batch tested for quality and consistency.  As with other parameters, stability is just as important as the actual number itself.  We strongly recommend minimizing fluctuations of your phosphate level.  If you are using a strong product like this for the first time, keep the flow through the reactor very low and test daily with a good PO4 checker.  If the level starts dropping too quickly, turn off the reactor to let the corals acclimate to the lower levels.  Once at your desired concentration, adjust the flow to balance the level against your tanks production of phosphate.  We like a sweet spot of .03-.08ppm of phosphate in our sps systems but again, a stable number is key!  

For best results the manufacturer recommends alternating between an iron based media like Po4x4, Rowa Phos or Phos Ban and AL99 on a monthly or bimonthly basis for maximum effectiveness.  Another product we recommend would be the Reef Interests All-In-One Biopellets that reduces NO3 and PO4 very effectively.