SpectraPure MaxCap UHE 200-GPD 5-Stage Ultra-High-Efficiency RO/DI System with microprocessor control module for low-waste.

  • 1:1 efficiency
  • Integral booster pump
  • Automatic membrane flush
  • Two SpectraSelect™ tested 90gpd RO membranes
  • 0.2um (abs) ZetaZorb® Sediment 0.5um carbon block pre-filters
  • SuperDI™ MaxCap & SilicaBuster™ De-ionization Cartridges.

The MaxCap UHE System has been designed to conserve our most precious resources, water. This 200 gallon-per-day RO/DI System combines innovative UHE 1:1 Ratio RO Technology with our field-proven MaxCap DI Technology to create a water processing system that produces high-quality ultra-pure water, while reducing water consumption and waste by four to ten times over other systems.

Microprocessor UHE Control Module 

  • Ultra-High Efficiency Module - Low Waste system (1:1 or better.
  • Integral Booster Pump: Operates even in low supply pressure problem area.
  • Automatic Periodic Pure Water Membrane Flush!*
  • Membranes last longer! No more TDS Creep! The first drop is as good as the last drop.

Highest Efficiency Pre Filtration Available

  • 0.2 Micron (Absolute) ZetaZorb® Sediment Filter. 5X more dirt holding capacity than a standard 0.5 Micron Filter!
  • 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter with 20,000 ppm-gallons chlorine removal capacity. All the carbon block you ever need.
  • Pre-Filters last 2x-3x longer in the UHE system as less waste = less water thru pre-filters = longer life = more money save!

Best of the Best RO Membrane

  • Highest quality individually tested SpectraSelect™ High-Rejection (98+%) RO Membranes.
  • 100 Gallons Per Day (or more!)

 Ultra Capacity Dual Stage DI:

  • MAXCAP® and SilicaBuster™ SuperDI™ High-Capacity De-ionization Cartridges with 33% greater capacity.
  • MaxCap® DI has 4 times more capacity than a typical mixed bed DI cartridge. Cuts DI water production costs in half!
  • SpectraPure’s Silica-Buster™ DI maximizes silica & phosphate removal.
SpectraPure - MaxCap 1:1 Ultra High Efficiency 200 GPD 5 Stage RO/DI System