These units are built as ordered. Please allow extra time for them to be built, tested, and shipped.

(24 Volt) Flow rate’s from 500gph up to 3500gph! One Size fits All! Same design features as our 1.5'’ Model Swirl... but with a Smaller Footprint, (5-½" Long x 3-1/4'’ wide x 2-1/2'’ Tall). 

First the water sweeps by and it hits the polyps hard for a very short period.... then lets them rest as it moves on and repeats the cycle over again. GREAT for the health of your SPS Corals!

The ‘’DELUXE’‘ Model will flow 500 to 3500 gph and is very quiet. ‘’DELUXE’‘ Model includes 24v motor and AC wall adaptor. YOUR CHOICE of mounting bracket supplied - Either a mounting bracket for standard Plastic Framed Glass Tanks such as Perfecto, AGA, Marineland, or Custom Tanks with Perimeter or Euro Bracing, Acrylic top tanks and Rim-Less tanks such as Elos, etc.

Please check out schematic drawings for adjustment ranges on bracket widths and measurements of the two Models. The ‘’MULTI SIZE’‘ Sea Swirl comes assembled with a 1" fpt inlet and is 1'’ pipe all the way through... and we include all the inlet and outlet fittings for pvc plumbing or Vinyl Hose to reduce down to 3/4" and ½".