Reef Interests PX-R Regeneration Media for use with PX Pro media from Reef Interests. Please watch the video by clicking the image under "MORE VIEWS".

Reef Interests has developed an easy and fast way to regenerate PX Pro GFO which is NOT based on NaOH.
In every 1 liter GFO box, there is an additional pouch present with 40 gram of regeneration powder.

How to use:
1) Just dissolve the powder in 1 liter of tap or RO water, add the saturated GFO substrate and stir for a few minutes.
2) Let it stand for approximately 1 hour (the water will get a purplish color) and remove the regeneration buffer.
3) Wash 2 times with 1 liter tap water and once with 1 liter tank water and your GFO substrate is ready to be used again.

*** PX Pro can be regenerated at least 10 times before it is exhausted.