Reef Brite products are perfectly matched to meet the demands of the discriminating aquarist.

The Reef Brite Halide Hybrid features a specially designed aluminum reflector which maximizes light transmission while controlling proper lamp temperature for optimal lamp performance.

36" Hybrid XHO fixture with XHO high power LED supplemental lighting. The Halide hybrid enhances color while promoting growth in photosynthetic organisms.

When combined with the Reef Brite microprocessor controlled ballast (Sold separately) this eco-friendly combination produces more light, uses less energy, and gives off less heat.

Made from anodized aluminum using our proprietary convection cooling design the halide hybrid is ideal for harsh aquatic environments and remains looking like new after many years of use.

With a 98% power efficacy in converting electrical energy to light, the halide hybrid competes with any lighting system available today. Our 175, 250, and 400 watt models use 1.5, 2.1, and 3.3 Amps respectively.

The fan less design of the halide pendant itself minimizes maintenance while eliminating a common failure point for many high power lighting options sold today.

The Reef Brite Halide Hybrid is a cost comparable replacement to LED or T5 systems with proven results and performance.

Don’t settle for less. Reef Brite Halide Hybrid “the professional’s choice “

Available in Full Spectrum, Actinic and 50/50.

36" Hybrid Halide Fixture

Eye Bolt Kit

Note: Ballast, Metal Halide Lamps, and hanging kit sold separately.