Bio Trace is a concentrate of TRACE ELEMENTS which speeds up biological activity. Trace elements are essential for every living organism. These include SULPHUR for proteins, IRON for plants and fish blood, Cobalt for B vitamins and BORON for many products metabolized during tissue building and organic breakdown

6 Ampoule Pack FOR USE IN FRESH WATER AQUARIUMS As all the living being, the bacterium’s need physiological and physical chemical conditions propitious to their activity. It is recognized that the deficiency in trace elements can limit the growth of purifying bacteria. A bacterial growth accelerator, complex of essential trace elements that obtains the best conditions for the development of the purifying bacteria. In aquariums, essential trace elements, needed for all biological activity, are consumed by algae, plants, invertebrates, etc. and neutralized or eliminated by the skimmer and activated charcoal. The decomposition of waste also eliminates a significant number of trace elements, leading to obvious signs of trace element deficiency. Reverse osmosis purifier removes all trace elements from the water.

This may stop all bacterial activity and cause a general slowing of the purification process, resulting in : Stagnant water, proliferation of algae, lifeless fish, stunted plants, etc. BIO TRACE increases very strongly performances of BIO DIGEST. It is the indispensable complement of the reverse osmosis water impoverished in trace elements BIO TRACE speeds up the reproduction of purifying bacteria and the production of aquarium waste digesting enzymes by up to 10 times. This results in clearer, healthier water, livelier fish and invertebrates that flourish.

Composition: Essential nutrient trace elements: Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Sulphur, Zinc, etc.

Instruction for use 1 ampoule per 200 liters every 15 days.