MRC Nilsen reactors are designed to perform straight from the box. Using your current aquarium controller, the aquarist can quickly and easily program the frequency and duration of mixing they desire. Utilizing a powerful, reliable, and easily accessible external blueline pump, The kalkwasser will get thoroughly and properly mixed as needed. The pump easily disconnects from the controller and the reactor to make cleaning and kalk powder addition simple and easy. MRC Nilsen reactors are the most modern, simple, reliable and beautiful Nilsens that are available, bar none!

Note: The new Nilsen reactors are shipped without the MRC touchpad controller, allowing you to use your current aquarium controller to operate the reactor.

Medium Nilsen:

  • Footprint: 8.5" (12" including pump)
  • Total Height: 19.5"
My Reef Creations - Standard Nilsen Reactor