• Optimal Water Parameters in a biological way 
  • Provides a food source for beneficial bacteria if dosed daily.
  • Reduces phosphate, nitrate, nitrite and several inhibitors

ZEOstart 3

ZEOvit™ System is a probiotic (bacteria-based) system meant to aid in your success keeping healthy, colorful and fast growing corals. The basic four components serve to adjust and maintain the nutrient levels of your reef at ideal, natural parameters. The ZEOvit™ system is complete and can be used with our without additional supplementation, however, Korallen-Zucht™ makes many products that will enhance the look and health of your reef to the best of your expectations.

ZEOstart 3 is a special carbon blend used to promote the development of bacterial ecosystems which are beneficial to the ZEOvit™ system. These bacteria are crucial to maintain ultra-low phosphate and nitrate. While high concentration of nutrients might be present in the system lack of proper amount of carbon food source can inhabit the colonization of nitrobacterium. ZEOstart 3 can safely address this deficiency resulting in crystal clear and healthy systems.

Quick Data:

  • Liquid Additive / only intended for Marine Aquarium use
  • Integral Component of Zeovit System / Basic 4
  • Can be used to safely promote and establish bacterial growth in systems when combined with ZEObak
  • Fulfils a niche nutritional supplementary role in systems that are starved of nutrients
  • Can be used in combination with the Zeovit system or standalone to enhance the health and appearance of corals
  • Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml sizes


  • Carbon food source for beneficial bacteria

Dosage and Special Considerations:

  • Dosage: 1 to 2 ml / 250 US-Gallons , Daily - “NET WATER VOLUME
  • Do not exceed recommended amount
  • Refer to Zeovit guide for complete System and phase instructions