• Adsorbs toxins, toxic compounds, yellowing compounds and proteins.
  • Improves coral polyp extension.
  • Crystal clear tank water
  • Does not remove any trace elements

Special activated carbon which remains permanently as a filter in the system. Completely replace the activated carbon every 30 days.

Place in filter bag or other high flow area (within sump) to absorb poisonous and remove yellowing compounds from the water.

1 liter will effectively treat 250 gallons.

High quality activated carbon especially developed for salt water tanks. You will see the difference significantly on your corals. Place it in a mesh bag with passive flow or in a nylon stocking on top of the ZEOvit® in the ZEOvit® filter. Rinse the carbon briefly with hot tap water before use. 

The result is a better polyp extension. It adsorbs toxins, toxic compounds and yellowing compounds and also proteins. Keeps your tank water crystal clear. 

Use 1 L Korallenzucht activated carbon for 250 gallons/1000L water.