ULTRA Organic paves the way towards a more beautiful reef tank by feeding inhabitants organic food. When combined with UltraMinS, your corals are be supplied with all the necessary organic nutrients and organically-bound trace elements for maximizing growth, coloration, and polyp extension.

Ultra Organic contains carefully selected trace elements and essential organic nutrients which provide your coral with energy and important raw materials necessary for consistent coral growth. Continuous dosing will result in improved polyp extension, stronger coloration, and faster coral growth.

Supercharge your results

Combine with Ultra Min S for exceptional results. The combination of Ultra Organic and Ultra Min S provide your corals with essential organic nutrients and organically-bound nutrients to maximize growth, color, and polyp extension.

Ultra Organic is suitable for all corals, anemones, and filter feeders in the aquarium.

Dosage recommendation

  • As a standalone product: 1 ml per 100 L (26 gal) per day
  • With Ultra Min S: 0.5 ml per 100 L (26 gal) per day


Organic carbon compounds, potassium compounds, boric acid, lithium, iron, molybdenum, zinc, nickel, chromium, cobalt, copper, vanadium


Keep way from children!