Fauna Marin The Dip - available in 250 and 500ml bottles

Fauna Marin THE DIP is a highly effective coral dip solution used for cleaning various types of coral. It is especially effective at helping new specimens acclimate to the aquarium by strengthening the pest resistance of your coral. THE DIP is a further developed product and is therefore a direct replacement to Fauna Marin Pest Control.

Dip every new coral purchase in the DIP coral bath to avoid unwanted pests and strengthen the pest resistance of your corals. THE DIP: Product Overview Highly active solution made from natural ingredients

Contains no oils, Iodine, or aggressive oxidative ingredients Does NOT darken coral tissue.

Simple, safe, affordable and highly effective Using THE DIP is Easy!

DIRECTIONS Take 1 Liter (0.26 US gal) of aquarium water and add 15ml of THE DIP to the container and stir. Place coral in THE DIP and swirl gently in one minute intervals Dip coral for a maximum of 5 minutes Rinse coral in a separate container with aquarium water and place coral back into the aquarium

Discard THE DIP and rinse container THE DIP is not suitable for use in the aquarium and should not be used for dipping fish, shrimp, mussels, sea urchins, and similar animals. Remove these specimens prior to dipping the coral.