The perfect Mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria cultures, removes waste products derived from fish food and helps with degradation of particulate organic deposits and accumulate detritus. Additionally, the long term build up of organic waste is reduced, also the amount of pathogens is lowered to a degree of minimum risk for fish and coral diseases.

Ultra Marine Bakto Therapie is a newly developed bacteria mix for all types of marine aquaria. It contains the perfect mix of halophilic and probiotic bacterial cultures which benefit your aquarium in various ways. Shortly after the initial dose, bacteria reach their highest activity levels and prepare your aquarium inhabitants for the most healthy aquarium water possible.

Waste products derived from fish food, particulate organic deposits and detritus are broken down and removed. Continuous dosing also reduces long term buildup of organic waste and lowers disease risk through pathogen reduction.

Marine Bakto Therapie Benefits

  • Contains hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria for rapid nutrient removal.
  • Bakto Therapie has no “Rotten Egg” odor
  • Improves growth and colors on fish and coral
  • Reduces the long term buildup of detritus and anaerobic waste products
  • Reduces pathogens and minimizes risk for fish and coral diseases
  • Super high cell densities and small dosages make this product cost effective
  • Developed and produced in Germany

Dosage Recommendation

Initial Dosage

  • Day 1 – Day 3:  10 ml / 100 Liter (26 US gal) On day 3, wait 3 days before dosing again.
  • Day 6 and on: 5 ml / weekly / 100 Liter (26 US gal)

Regular Dosage

  • 3 ml / 100 Liter (26 US gal) per week
  • For tanks older than 2 years, dose 30% of recommended amount and slowly increase dosage over several weeks.

Best results are obtained when used in conjunction with Marine Bakto Blend. Both products contain up to 100x more bacteria than other competing products.