Elos K Potassium Test Kit

* Quality Italian-made test kit for measuring aquarium potassium levels
* Lab quality colorimetric aquarium test kit boasts precision & ease of use
* 3-point check system addresses areas where aquarium testing error can occur

ELOSAccurately monitor potassium levels vital for coral health. ELOS AquaTest K Potassium Professional Test Kit keeps routine testing simple and accurate by addressing common areas where aquarium-testing error can occur. Italian-made colorimetric test kit is specially developed focusing on three areas where testing error can occur: source, implementation, and interpretation.

Lab quality ELOS AquaTest K Potassium Professional Test Kit employs highest-quality reagents validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples to ensure accuracy right from the source. Calibrated dropper provides consistent drop size for precise implementation regardless of user. Easy-to-read color chart is calibrated using Real Color Technology for accurate interpretation of test results.

Use ELOS AquaTest K Potassium Professional Test Kit to accurately measure potassium levels in saltwater marine reef aquariums. Up to 50+ tests per kit.