Elos Diamond Series 160XL Aquarium - 200 Gallons

  • Newly designed for 2018: Absolute Aquarium Cabinet at a lower price point

    In Diamond Glass ®

    As our System120, the Elos System160 aquarium has been in our ELOS catalogue for nearly 10 years. Through the years it is being updated continuously and we have many improvements to the accessories, as well. This Aquarium incorporates all technical refinements that only our aquariums can provide. The bottom is made with our Elos multi-pane bottom giving it unsurpassed strength and safety. The new Elos overflow allows the water to enter either from the surface or from the bottom and can also allow the passage of electrical cables through it safely. The Elos 160XL is built with the utmost attention and that only "a true craftsmen" can conceive and produce.
    Sitting at the top of our CLASSIC range, the Elos System160 is now available in the 160XL version which provides 20 cm more depth.

    This model is available in two versions, Standard (depth 57 cm) or XL (80cm deep). Designed with extreme care, thanks to continuous improvements, it is one of our oldest aquariums that can be found in our catalogues.

    An aquarium with excellent quality that maintains its value over time.



    • Aquarium POOL160XLs type: Diamond Glass with 60cm tall with polished edges, with our ELOS QuietDrain overflow and protection against snails
    • Newly designed for 2018: Absolute Aquarium Cabinet at a lower price point