Dr. G's De-Wormer Caviar

  • Treats Internal & External Worms in Fish.
  • For Marine, Freshwater Aquariums and Ponds.
  • Will not affect your Biological Filter.
  • Reef Safe.
  • Delicious Caviar MAX creates a "Feeding Frenzy", no fish can resist.
  • Treats your Fish, Not your Water!

Effective new treatment for marine and freshwater worms, that can harm or kill your fish. 

It is estimated that 80% of all fish have some type of worm infestation. Dr. G's De-Wormer Caviar treats infections caused by internal and external worms, such as gill and body flukes, tapeworm, turbellarians, planarians and flatworms. 

May also be used to prevent worm parasites from infecting your fish and aquariums. 

Offers rapid control and does not affect your biological filter. May also be used to prevent worm parasites from infecting your fish and to treat new arrivals. 

Do not use if you have Feather Duster Worms or flatworms of the Polycladida family. May cause temporary foaming of your Protein Skimmer. 

The best vehicle to get medication into a fish is through their food, not through the water they swim in. Our unique formula provides the efficiency of two excellent Antibiotics plus the premium nutritional value of Dr.G's Caviar MAX, made with the finest and freshest ingredients. 

Analysis: per 100 grams
Crude Protein 50% (33 grams)
Total Fat 8%
Total Carbohydrates 1%

Directions: Pour directly into the tank, enough for 1 feeding. 

To avoid any possibility of damage to invertebrates and corals, remove food that falls on corals with a turkey baster and use Dr.G's Chemical Filter and Phosphate Remover to remove any medication from the water that was not consumed. 

Dosage: Depending on your tank size, pour enough De-Wormer Caviar that should be consumed in 3-5 minutes, adjust portion accordingly. Do not overfeed. To "Treat" Worm Infestations, use as regular food twice a day for up to 2 weeks. To "Prevent" Worm Infestations, use regular food once a day for up to 10 days. Repeat when new fish are added to your system. 

Storage: Keep Refrigerated after opening and/or receipt of product.   Product is refrigerated when not in transit. Please note,  It is recommended that you refrigerate upon receipt to preserve shelf life.

Active Ingredient: Praziquantel. 

Exceptional Fresh Ingredients: Dr.G's Caviar MAX, Dr.G's Reef Essential Vitamins and Amino-acids (to boost immunity) and Garlic. 

Made in the USA. 

Warning: Not for Human Consumption. For Ornamental Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.