• Variable Speed Commercial Flow Pump
  • Programmable Flow Control System
  • Comprehensive Safety Functions
  • 10 Year Warranty - Made in Germany!

Built with commercial grade titanium grade 2 the Abyzz Flow Cannon 400 is build to move massive amounts of water in large scale aquariums.

Special Order Item. Check for availability. 


  • Variable speed range (0 - 100%)
  • Programmable control system (e.g. wave andrandom modes)
  • Comprehensive safety functions (e.g. dry run,temperature, and over-current protection)
  • Soft startup
  • Bus-enabled interface for peripheral devices
  • Lockable plug contacts
  • Low-noise operation
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Rock-stable mounting
  • 10 year warranty

This product was developed and is manufactured in Germany by Venotec.


The innovative Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC400 with its high-end design including a titanium rotor unit, titanium mounting frame and carbon fibre parts consists of the pump itself and a powerful and programmable driver. With an efficiency rating of more than 90% and the exact adjustment for the application, it offers a very energy-saving solution.

The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcination and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operations.

All metal parts are made out of titanium grade 2 and other parts are made out of nylon and carbon fibre. This composition ensures a long lifetime, thus granting highest sustainability and lowest carbon footprint. Several mounting options are offered to suit any needs and due to many mounting options, even a customer specific mounting can be done very easily. The special 3 bladed prop and a well designed hydraulic the pump operates almost without any noise or vibration. An additional coat flow ring provides low output speed and long laminar flow. Easy programming (as in any Abyzz pump) and the possibility to link to external controllers offers a wide field of application.

The materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. This product was developed and manufactured in Germany by Venotec.


  • Freshwater and Saltwater Aquaria
  • Large Pond Filter Systems
  • Creeks
  • Large Scale Aquariums
  • Aquaculture


Flow (Nominal): 43,593 gph / 165,000 lph
Flow (Maximum): 58,124 gph / 220,000 lph

Discharge speed (max): 3,3m/s
Rated input: 4-400W
Operating Voltage:200…240V~ or90…120V
Ambient temperature:+2°C...+40°C
Maximum immersion depth:26 ft / 8 m
Minimum immersion depth: 2 ft / .6 m
Pump cable length: 32.8 ft/ 10 m

Venotec reserves the right to make technical changes without notice.


  • Abyzz AFC400 pump and driver
  • Power cable and connection cable
  • Operation manual

Mounting bracket is not included but options are available.


In accordance with the implied warranty, we provide a 12-month guarantee. You can also extend the productguarantee period from 12 months to 10 years free of charge within 4 weeks of purchasing the product (date ofinvoice) after registering your product successfully.

If you have a complaint, please contact us immediately and if needed, send the device back - in its originalpackaging wherever possible and with proof of purchase - directly to Venotec. Please note that we cannot acceptnon-prepaid deliveries. Such deliveries will be sent back without being processed.

The guarantee covers material, functional, and production faults that can occur when using the product as intended.It does not cover damage of wear out or abrasive wear, transport damage, claims for compensation above andbeyond compensation for the product itself, or damage resulting from improper use, negligence, incorrectinstallation, or interventions and changes carried out by unauthorized persons.

We expressly exclude such scenariosfrom our scope of liability. Any secondary damages such as the loss of coral, fish, or water damage caused by pumpfailure or a lack of intake protection are expressly excluded from guarantee and warranty claims.Calcification insidethe pump and any resulting damage to the product or motor, damage by use as not intended and any damage tocables (e.g. chafed cables) are expressly excluded from the warranty. The warranty is invalidated in the followingcases: Removed original plugs, use of non-original spare parts, impeller wheel damage resulting from parts suckedinto the pump, motor damage caused by the tapering of the intake port or if the pump is operated with a closed orpartially closed ball valve in the intake area, motor damage caused by persistent dry running, limescale damageresulting from the improper use of chemicals or the use of unsuitable chemicals, motor damage resulting fromupstream external electronic components or damage resulting from damp in the driver.